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zipp 202 vs 303

Currently there are no defined parameters for tubeless road tyres from ERTRO or ISO standards, so the wheelset has no standard to conform to, but Zipp is open in saying that it believes something will be forthcoming and it is working with tyre manufacturers with an ISO guideline being the main priority, and this could be where the 110 per cent tyre size to internal rim measurement will fall in the future.

Many thanks. This new rim is also designed around the recent growth of tyre widths and the wider internal measurement makes it ideally suited for use with the rapidly popularised 28mm tyre, although Zipp has also stated that it will work really well with 25mm tyres widths as well as wider gravel tyres. Essentially, Zipp says that if you are using the wheels for their intended purpose, if anything were to happen to them then the damaged part will be repaired or replaced. The Zipp 202 NSW carbon clincher tubeless disc wheelset is their top-tier, low-profile offering. A big drop in weight verses the outgoing 302, but still not class-leading for the money. The latest 303 NSW is wider (19C), lighter (1510g), and has an updated rim profile. The new warranty is a game changer. As for the warranty issue, I disagree that it should not play an important part in the decision. With a wide rim and tubeless-compatible design it was encouraging to find it very simple to fit tubeless tyres, as some tubeless tyre/wheel combinations can be extremely tight. The tires popped straight onto the bead without a single drop of sealant leaking out. I have multiple PRs on Strava with these wheels. But these are all race day features that can be had with a tubular. Even a crit lead out man, forced to jump out of corner after corner, will be fresher for his the last kilometer dig and still have a big aero weapon up his sleeve. But, if you really want Zipps, you won't regret the purchase. I thought about the Conti5000TL, but after going to so much effort to keep the edge of the rotational weight down with my Enve 3.4s I did not want to give a bunch back with Contis excellent, but heavy tires. Perhaps that’s the whole point here for fellow cyclists … i.e Take this *review* blog *opinion* with a grain of salt and as fun, entertainment. Otherwise on these same roads, no problems. 6 STEPS TO RIDE STRONG ON BACK-TO-BACK BIG DAYS, BIKE TEST: 2021 GIANT TCR ADVANCED PRO SL 0 DISC, QUICK LIST: 8 OF THE LATEST 2021 ROAD BIKES, First Look: PowerDot 2.0 – Shocking New Recovery Tech, FIRST LOOK: EASTON EC CINCH FLT 12 SPD DIRECT MOUNT 1X CHAINRING.

I cant really find any good reviews from normal riders anywhere. Dropping 3 or 4 pounds, doing hill-specific training, getting the right bike fit and drivetrain set up, getting enough sleep and recovery, eating better, etc. Last but not least, ride feel. Best site on the web. Many claim to have seen it, some claim to have evidence – fur, photos, footprints. Also, look at the slightly heavier non-NSW 202 that is $2500 but a great option too. If you run them at lower pressure with tubeless tires, they *seem* to be even more surefooted than before.”, Fellow tester Nate enthused they always *seemed* so much more planted and stable…”.

– Why Use a Power Meter I seldom hear Nate or the few other super talented and competitive riders I’ve met talk about comfort and stability. I wouldn't hold much hope.

Andrew, Yikes.

Am I worthy of this level of performance from a wheelset? With under 1000 miles per year (though would love to do more) and good care do you think these wheels would fall apart after say 5 years? However for objective comparaisons perhaps consult lab data (even they are sometimes skewewd) or Hambini’s carbon wheel lab tests for objective data. This wheelset brought our that reaction. – Riding Techniques, TIRES Fantasy Cycling: game [at] road.cc These ride is a little firmer than I anticipated, however, GP 5000 TLs inflated to 80 PSI, are still MUCH more comfortable than my previous set up listed above. As well as being the cheapest carbon wheelset that Zipp has produced, the 303S rim is also the first of its carbon rims to be manufactured outside of the US, being made in the SRAM Taiwan manufacturing site where they also manufacture many other carbon components. – Light and Cool Helmets – Upgrade Road Disc Wheels, COMPONENTS Wondering if these indeed are the reasons you feel I’m overshooting with the 303 NSW’s or if I missed something from your answer?

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