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Chlorine gas will kill you in natural minute, but the world uses it to disinfect water. The ravingly positive testimonials are fake, published by spammers, MMS resellers and affiliates. Also when they use an alias, we usually manage to find photos of the thief. MMS or chlorine dioxide is a relatively simple remedy to heal various diseases. I tried it for about 5 weeks with little or no change physically. Chlorine gas is the worst of all types of chlorine compounds. I am sorry to say it, but much of Bob's comments about MMS are incorrect and about me (Jim Humble) are totally incorrect. So with current electronic techniques, they basically sweep freqs "carpet bombing". As in years past one sulfite pulp mill could produce enough vanilla to supply the world so that never happened either. I'll bet you never got a cold, flu, or infection when you worked with it, LOL. For anyone with a basic knowledge of highschool chemistry, it is unadulterated baloney. There's nothing bad about being industrial. They, those young scientists, basically force-fit the theory to reality, winded up Quantum Mechanics despite Einstein refused it saying, "God does not play dice". I received many emails from Mr. Humble, trying to intimidate me into deleting this article. The FDA does not want you using MMS (ClO2) because it is too effective and too cheap. I would highly recommend that you also include raw veggie juicing in your diet and a good quality whey powder. Today 22/12/15, I had my … Spray the red area, wait 1 to 5 minutes, and rinse off. Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine. "Industrial" makes it sound bad. Let's not dwell too long on the man behind MMS, "Bishop" James V. Humble. You are dosing wrong!! Everyone looks at the little picture, this is the big picture. "Bleach" isn't an element or chemical, it's an action or result of many things including sunshine, lemon juice/citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. I'm a researcher. That's it. A trial with MMS could diminish the bad condition within the first two to three weeks. It does not have a charge. I have brushed my teeth with less than one ounce of 80% sodium chlorite solution. The government of Malawi knows nothing about it. (118 ml), of which 22.4% is Sodium Chlorite (better known as household bleach): You'd have to drink a couple of those small bottles to be lethally poisoned, so I guess that is rare, since the instructions say not to take more than 15 drops per day. The spray MMS is mixed at 10 drops MMS and 10 drops 50% citric acid, wait 5 minutes and add 1 ounce water. It describes a remedy with an extraordinary high impact against microbes. MMS have healed her within a short period of time. No known medicine could help him. And I have read his books, including his new Health Recovery Manual. Have her take mms with some food in your stomach. Why is this not done? C) after my 3 drop mixture. It's not clear who started selling Stabilized Oxygen, or why the mistaken name was used. Here, it’s very useful to compare the claims of someone like Kerri Rivera to those of quacks selling “liver flushes” that are touted as causing one to pass gallstones out into the stool . They are other differences besides structural. Then he tells you that chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite are not new. It goes back far enough that the ingredient was not listed, leading to confusion. I could correct his continued claims, such as that he recommends only 1/4 drop. ", I have spoken with Jim on a few occasions and be assured, he is an honest man doing a great work. Some people buy into Humble's snake oil and innocent people are the victim of that. My husband and I have just started this week. My naturalist doctor uses MMS for kids with autism. Through the intravenous treatment also nano-bacteria are attacked. It’s a treatment that the FDA has issued warnings about, starting in 2010, and for which one of the most notorious sellers of MMS, Louis Daniel Smith, was convicted of conspiracy, smuggling, selling misbranded drugs, and defrauding the United States. It takes a high-powered atom smasher to do that. Gradually, I became a believer, tested it out few times drinking 1 or 2 drops at a time and it seems that I don't have much problem with it. And the warnings are exaggerated, as usual. I happened to have cured my own breast cancer with MMS, so when, I notice the talking dummies sharing their opinions with the listening.

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