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His income was reported as “over $100,000,” but because the Fair Political Practices Commission does not differentiate above that amount there’s no way of knowing if his income was just $101,000, or above $300,000. Of course none of this is counting taxes, which would reduce these numbers considerably. But you’re right to point out that other jurisdictions around here will have similarly wealthy political leaders. Five ropes with nooses that were found in trees around Oakland's Lake Merritt have been taken down and will be investigated as ... Another day, another jab at Oakland mayor, Leading on the Frontlines: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's warning of imminent ICE raids comes true, What Makes a Great City? Her husband, Salvatore T. Fahey, is an employee of Gatan, Inc., an electronics company in Pleasanton. That’s 1 percent material, putting Kernighan’s family in the upper echelons of U.S. income earners. ( Log Out /  So I wasn’t trying to target any politicians in particular, I’m just showing what’s available. Quan’s total compensation as mayor amounted to $204,781. Up and coming city council member Libby Schaaf’s household income is decidedly less pillowed by stock earnings, but it’s still enough to easily place her in the top five percent. Oakland is just a little more unequal when you look at the wealthiest and the poorest. By ... Not surprisingly, that means that the city’s salary and pension costs are soaring. This puts the new president of the Oakland city council above the 98th percentile of U.S. income earners, meaning only 2 percent of Americans made more money than Kernighan in 2011. The point of this article was to localize the analysis of a trend in politics that’s been observed at other scales of American government; the plutocracy – rule by the wealthy, regardless of their ideologies, policies, and pay as politicians. These and more questions were on my mind as I read your article. Normally the ad cost for an Instagram ad post is based on the number of followers on the account. For examples at the federal level see – http://www.opensecrets.org/news/2011/11/congress-enjoys-robust-financial-status.html. How much is needed to run for office and do what politicians have to do for their job? Schaaf reported her own income as a council member and her spouse’s income. Many people ask this question about the money Libby Schaaf makes from Facebook. Pingback: Avoiding Taxes in Talking About Oakland’s Budget Woes | Pueblo Lands. 15 months in, Mayor Libby Schaaf says a program designed to keep people from becoming homeless in her city is working. City Council president Patricia Kernighan had a total city compensation package of $113,942 in 2011, the last year for which the figure is readily available. Five ropes with nooses that were found in trees around Oakland’s Lake Merritt have been taken down and will be investigated as hate crimes, according to Oakland police and Mayor Libby Schaaf. Oakland’s median household income is still just plain old $50,000, even though the cost of living in Oakland is much higher than in other places in the state, say Fresno, or Redding, for example. I think all your points are excellent. Brooks and Reid don’t have financial statements of interest showing high incomes. The result is lots of poverty amid affluence. Schaaf won the November 4, 2014 Oakland mayoral election in the 14th round in ranked choice voting with 62.79% of the vote.Schaaf won re-election in 2018. Celebrities more often then not want to keep their love affairs secret, if you happen to know the name of Libby Schaaf's partner, please leave a comment in the section below. Mayor Libby Schaaf, left, and the City Council, led by Rebecca Kaplan, keep seeking more taxes. The new council members don’t have FPPC 700s on file yet to estimate their incomes. ( Log Out / 

Disclamer: Libby Schaaf net worth displayed here are calculated based on a combination social factors. Social media is lambasting Mayor Libby Schaaf over a picture she posted Tuesday of her with some young people taking part in her annual summer internship program, with some of those commenting saying none appears to be black. ( Log Out /  In 2011 Kernighan reported to the state Fair Political Practices Commission earnings of between $26,000 to $180,000 from the sale of stock in Apple Computer, Loopnet, Inc., Diageo, Netflix, Ebay, Netgear, Proctor & Gamble, Rofin-Sonar Technologies, and Toyota Motor Corp. It’s worth pointing out here is that most American’s don’t own direct stock, and only about half own any kind of stock, much of this indirectly through mutual funds. Rebecca Kaplan reported her own pay as a council member ($110,000 in total compensation), her compensation as a member of the Alameda County Transportation Commission (between $1,000 to $10,000), Commission, and her partner’s pay (between $10,000 and $100,000) as income in 2011. Oakland city officials on Tuesday gave an update to the civil unrest that followed a peaceful student march and rally Monday that swelled to 15,000 community members. I will do a follow up though, based on your prompt, and look at the incomes of political leaders in other Bay Area cities. In her third major staffing change in the first week of 2017, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced Thursday that she has named her deputy chief of staff, Shereda Nosakhare, to be her new chief of staff. NextMuni or any third party mobile application that draws data from the SFMTA on when the next bus or train... SFBay judged top Bay Area news site again in 2019! It’s really the top strata of American income earners and wealth holders who own direct, multi-thousands dollar stakes in companies like these, and who regularly trade and sell of these shares to harvest gains such as what Kernighan reported in 2011. She reported that her husband earned above $100,000, and that two properties under her ownership, a house in Monterey, and an industrial plot in West Oakland, generated between $10,000 – $100,000, and $1,000 – $10,000, respectively. Renters and homeowners should reject Measure Q, the mayor and City Council’s sham homeless proposal.
Oakland’s chief of staff serves as principal advisor and manager of the mayor’s office and acts as primary liaison with offices and agencies both inside and outside of the government. A final stream of income for Kernighan was a $10,000 to $100,000 “trustee fee” paid to her by the Thelma Doelger Trust for Animals in 2011.

He’s a millionaire — right? Is the argument of your article saying that all politicians must earn only the median income?
Many people ask about the amount of money Libby Schaaf makes from Instagram.

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