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The two interact in such a way that to fully understand your choices for the light source, you also have to know a little about the imaging technology it's paired with, and how imaging technologies work in general. They're not perfect, but not bad. I, too, am anxious to see laser trickle down in a more meaningful and effective way to good quality HT projection. DOWNLOAD AREA Beam brightness. And with all this as background, let's finally take a look at the light sources themselves. Thanks for your comment. You just have to choose the right one. Read on if you’re interested in an easy way to calculate power density – even in your head. Home 9x Series Buy Now Materials Calculators Blog Dealers Contact. The “Recommended lumens for this screen” value in this screen size calculator is only a guideline for a good screen readability, depending on the location external lighting conditions. For all these reasons, or until such time as LED catches up on laser's ability to deliver higher brightness, it seems lasers are bound to take over as the dominant—and eventually, perhaps, only—projector light source. Or at least that's the essence of it. Ultraviolet Excimer Laser Profiling – Challenges And Solutions, http://www.sonicator.com/literature/faq.shtml#powerintensity.

The UST living room projector category brings some very distinct lifestyle and installation benefits but also with it some inherent compromises in image quality that those high end home theater models seek to avoid.

We're seeing a few interesting new models here and there, such as Optoma's 1080p GT1090HDR, and I look forward to testing them. For the moment, however, lasers, LEDs, and lamps each have their place. LEDs are the light source for the overwhelming majority of small projectors, from sizes that will fit in a shirt pocket to palmtops and a little larger up to just under 2 pounds. If the beam is Gaussian then the formulas relating beam size at the waist and divergence angle are given in the article: In that case, you might want to calculate how many lamps you'll likely buy over the projector's lifetime and add the cost to the initial price. Range, by which I assume you mean distance from the source to the plane at which we are measuring, will affect the beam diameter according to the divergence angle of the beam; it’s a straightforward trigonometric calculation (assuming you know one of either the range or the divergence). The top brightness is a lot higher than for LED projectors, which range from 10 lumens to 4,500 lumens, but lower than for laser projectors, at 32 lumens to 75,000 lumens. The potential problem with sequential color is that if the projector rotates through the color sequence too slowly in, say, a scene where James Bond walks across the room quickly while wearing a tuxedo and white shirt, the red, green, and blue elements of the shirt can fall on different parts of the retina. TECHNOLOGY Lamp-based models use a rotating color wheel that holds the color filters and is timed so each color filter is in the path of the light just when the chip needs that color. Thanks for the great article! NEW PRODUCTS This calculation can be a bit tedious and time consuming especially for technicians and field engineers who want to make as quick and easy a calculation as possible. There are only a few key specs that define the practical difference between lamps and solid-state light sources, meaning both LEDs and lasers: the range of brightness, the typical rated lifetime, and the percentage of initial brightness each loses early on. But if you rarely or never do that, the lamp won't last that long. Others add some combination of yellow, cyan, and magenta. All rights reserved. Your email address will not be published. For laser projectors, the most common addition is the yellow produced by the phosphor, simply by adding a clear panel to the color wheel. Since then I have not seen laser projectors without lenses so I sort of wish I had indulged my curiosity just to have a unique bit of tech. That said, most major manufacturers of single-chip projectors have made gains in recent years in minimizing the potential for rainbows, though our usual caveat always applies: if you're sensitive to seeing these or worry you might be, it's best to purchase from a retailer who accepts returns or exchanges. We'll stay with the simplified version using just red, green, and blue for now, because that's what most displays do. What is usually meant is the clearly defined term radiance. The screen size calculator will return all other dimensions, and the recommended projector brightness. Get the ideal projector brightness for your Home Cinema. You need to know the beam size as it enters the objective and the focal length of the objective. Ok, don't show again. Do you know why that is and when we might be able to expect to see more long throw lasers for home theaters? I care far more about color/contrast/blackpoint than i do brightness, but def dont want anything below 2000 lumens, whatever the light source is. Lamp life varies with the projector model. The color wheels that single chip projectors use makes it easy to add more colors besides red, green, and blue. SITEMAP It seems like laser light sources are common in affordable UST projectors for home theater, but traditional long throw projectors with lasers are rare and expensive. For home theater, color accuracy matters more, and the accuracy will almost certainly be better with just red, green, and blue panels in the wheel. (At this writing, the least expensive, currently produced three-chip model in our database is $27,526.) Somewhat larger and brighter projectors, in the range of about 1,500 to 4,500 lumens, give you a choice in solid-state light sources of LEDs, Lasers, and LED-laser hybrids.

So a lamp-based, single-chip projector with a white panel added to its color wheel is usually desirable if you need a projector to watch in a conference room, classroom, or family room with ambient light. But it's usually a poor choice for a traditional home theater meant for viewing in a dark room. I feel like I am in your exact same boat.

You'll see a repeating series of red, green, and blue rectangles—call them dots. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Thus, power density as a function of diameter can be expressed as the power density of a 1 mm beam divided by d2: This formula assumes the beam is a flat top beam where the beam power density is uniform. Color brightness measures the brightness for 100% red, 100% green, and 100% blue images separately, then adds the three measurements together. The screen size calculator will return all other dimensions, and the recommended projector brightness. All projectors' brightness ratings are based on settings that sacrifice color accuracy. We use cookies to provide the best site experience. but 20 fL to 25 fL is often optimal to account for lamp wear. For each specific situation, projector model or lens, throw distance… this value may be down- or upgraded. Which runs coolest? In laser technology, the term brightness is often said to be higher for one type of laser than for another, for example, but rarely with an actual quantitative specification (some numbers and units). Press & Media Center of the Laserworld Group. Im looking to buy a projector for my apartment. We are happy to know you find our blog post relevant and efficient. The downside is that LED still can't reach the brightness requirements for many applications.

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