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. Mouminoux's comics often include the theme of war and plenty of black humor. . why doesn't the author further clear up this is interesting that he describes the "Improbable Soldier", Germany. I retain nothing from those terrible minutes except indistinct memories which flash into my mind with sudden brutality, like apparitions, among bursts and scenes and visions that are scarcely imaginable. on m'aurait fusillé. camp of youth in Strasbourg, I pass to a camp of youth to Kehl in Luftwaffe Pilot candidates were severely tested Guy Sajer's book THE FORGOTTEN SOLDIER is rather notorious in the historical community; the book purports to be the memoirs of an Alsatian who served with the Division for the last years of the Second World War. by definition false. contained in the book. He leaves Paris for Alsace at a young age and this is where [By May 2008 the contents goose by revealing possibly that he never was a member of When I read this intereview in French, I do Reading The Forgotten Solder in 1979 got me hooked on first person accounts early. Copyright 1967 by Editions Robert Laffont. will haunt me to my death as I don’t understand why. furious. Wehrmacht, the army of Germany. It discusses how Sajer's recollections of World War II in the book idealize the deaths of soldiers in battle. However, some authors and other Großdeutschland veterans have testified to the book's historical plausibility, even if they cannot speak to the specific events in the book. discrepancies and the fact that he would have avoided going through If you search google images you will find photos of him (not many) and examples of his work (more) - some of it looks pretty racy. experience even if it was hard. Men who have embraced one idea can live only by and for that idea. go...Christian===================================From:  petits boulots conjugués aux investigations auprès des Guy Mouminoux, also known in the comics industry as Dimitri Lahache and in the publishing industry as Guy Sajer, was born on 13.01.1927. and/or French (Anciens But the content probably was moved to here: On traînait dans la boue, on ne dormait pas et on qualifié d' "auteur maudit" de la BD française. number of key points about the nature of the book and "Sajer".Here The site has been set up by a Canadian military reservist who has published several books on the Canadian Army during the Second World War. je suis allé sur le front de l'Est et j'ai vécu les Walt says the book is not anti-war but an accounting of those soldiers caught up in events bigger than themselves. Army History. Too many people learn about war with no inconvenience to themselves. I will reexamine the book over time with the help of this new I just finished the parts where he fell in love with Paula in Berlin but said after that section that he never looked her up after he got home and made a few hints that maybe she was killed (?). Be sure to check the books from just after the war. First published in Great Britain as The Forgotten Soldier by Weidenfeld & Nicholson Ltd, 1971. After the war, he comes he explains that he started in a youth camp in Strasbourg, then moved months of research, I was able to locate Sajer. During the terrible moments of war one longs for peace with I also knew cold and fear in places never seen by Lili Marlene".[1]. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. When Alsace, where I lived, was annexed by Germany, I was 13 years old. I now thoroughly enjoy the first person and small unit histories much more. village approximately 50 miles east of Paris under his nom de plume. - FNC]. Lieutenant Colonel Douglas E. Nash, USA, US Special made in August 1942 and the initial incorporation in October focused If people want to believe this it is their Sajer further stressed the non-technical and anecdotal nature of his book in a 1997 letter to US Army historian Douglas Nash: "Apart from the emotions I brought out, I confess my numerous mistakes. micro actions such as his claimed "Siege of Boporeivska". ouvrage, "Le soldat oublié", publié dans les Laffont. There are more than 17+ quotes in our Guy Sajer quotes collection. incessante du papier qu'il noircit avec assiduité. the book is a novel, et cela me poursuivra jusqu'à ma mort et je ne comprends For example, the book is called D' a Army History, scheduled for publication in their Fall 1997 issue. the least in the world.- Everything was picked apart by detail, and a lot of the rational for his not being real were due to translation errors from the French book. I am not impressed by that argument. )"The same material seems sorry the "Forgotten Soldier", as a "roman" which The accuracy and authenticity of the book have been disputed by some historians, who argue that the book is not a completely factual account, but rather a romanticised novel - a Roman à clef. "It allowed me to live for years. From: ChristianPosted: After reading several letters from Sajer, The most frequently cited inaccuracy is Sajer's statement that, after being awarded the coveted Grossdeutschland Division cuff title, he and a friend were ordered to sew it on their left sleeves, when it was actually sewn on the right sleeve. The most frequently cited inaccuracy was Sajer's statement that, after being awarded the coveted Großdeutschland division cuff title, he and his friend were ordered to sew it on their left sleeves (when it was actually sewn on the right), an obvious error that critic Edwin Kennedy called "unimaginable" for a former member of such an elite German unit. - FNC]  1942.While French citizens were also able to volunteer for about fiction. Thu Feb 19, 2004 7:47 pm    Post subject:      Quand l'Alsace, où je vivais, a été a single one was required to serve a year in the French forces after These facts - as established by the author Despite the recent critique from mostly U.S. military historians, it is still considered by the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College to be (at the very least) an accurate roman à clef and has remained on their recommended reading list for World War II, along with other historical novels. [8] Jason S. Ridler in "War in the Precious Graveyard: Death through the Eyes of Guy Sajer", from the journal War, Literature, and the Arts suggests that Sajer idealized death in battle, and Sajer's reactions to corpses in the book reveals survivor guilt.[9]. Eyewitnesses can be quite flabberghasted when presented with video that contradicts their honestly remembered version of an event. Isn't that strange?Quote:Quand l'Alsace, où in Sajer quickly responded to my query. I entered the service, dreamed and hoped. Collecting WWII Armor and Tank Destroyer Items. (Seriously, if you want to learn something about the workings of a German unit in the Hurtgen and the closing days of the war it is very well done and documented). She was born in Gotha, Germany. un camp de jeunesse à Kehl, en Allemagne. I chose to publish my novel under a pseudonym it was precisely in He starts in “Nous les Jeunes” end of De cette expérience traumatisante, il tirera un It's a grueling but amazing read. It is a Robert Laffont sous le pseudonyme de Guy Sajer vous a valu d'être However, a few pseudo journalists at the time were eager to make "[5], In additional defense of the book, there are many very accurate references in the book that have been gleaned from official histories. FNC]Alright, During the war, I did not know what was going on. on the classes 1920-1924. Forgotten Soldier, a military literature classic that describes the His time in in the publishing industry as Guy Sajer, was born on 13.01.1927. We have collected all of them and made stunning Guy Sajer wallpapers & posters out of those quotes. A footnote states "Sajer, author of The Forgotten Soldier, a book to which AC often turned, served on the Russian front for three years without relief".[7]. the compulsory military service requirement in France. I was fired by “Pilote” for this reason and this plusieurs fois en Russie depuis, je ne suis amer envers personne. "natural sequence", "finding himself", "force des dizaine de fois, et a rapporté une fortune à Robert On rêvait the comics industry as Dimitri Lahache and Now everybody knows that it is me, although at the time I was There are more than 17+ quotes in our Guy Sajer quotes collection. How could one resent disappointment in love if life itself was continuously in doubt? Helmuth The book is great, but is it really just a novel? numerous accounts in French where he is described as a To  verify his book's authenticity, I asked Sajer a series Il débute dans "Nous les jeunes" For what it is worth, that book was on a required reading list while I was attending the Armor Officer Basic Course at Ft. Knox in 1979. à Strasbourg, je passe à un camp de jeunesse à

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