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If you’re not confident about your health, you can eat food that give shock resistance or at least have Mipha’s Grace/ auto-revive fairies with you.

Head to the mound south of Calora Lake. Faron tells Link that he must obtain the Fused Shadow in the Forest Temple to counter Zant. When he returns to the Twilight-covered Woods, he is tasked by Faron the Light Spirit to restore light to the Woods by collecting its Tears of Light. Link reaches it the first time with Midna's help, jumping onto Tree roots across the large chasm. In any case, utilize whatever weapon or trick you have while dealing with these giants. It’s another test of strength, so you don’t get a walkthrough here, just some pictures and tips. Kah Yah Shrine Key Skip. Loot the Knight’s Claymore from the chest then repeat the same process in the other ramp. Step on the platform then put the barrel down. Take note that these one-eyed giants have individual entries in your album so make sure to take a pic of them before finishing them off. In this room, there are four weighing plates that you need to place weights on to shift their heights. [10] Since more monsters have begun appearing around the Woods, Link will have to talk to Coro to obtain the Small Key that will open up the cave's gate that leads to North Faron Woods.[11]. There’s a moving platform that will take you to the pressure plates but these are blocked by gates. The Faron Region of Hyrule has a total of eight Faron Shrines. Huh...? Examine the stone tablet to start the shrine quest below. After Link does so, Faron is healed and reveals the entrance to the fourth dungeon, the Ancient Cistern behind the Floria Waterfall, where Farore's Sacred Flame is found.

Click on the shrine of your choice to find its location and a walkthrough for it. After venturing with a Parella known as Jellyf through the underground tunnels of the lake, Link meets Faron, who is recuperating from her wounds in a Basin. If you wish to earn my favor, gather the Tadtones and return to me. The actual Temple of Time can be accessed through a single pair of doors that appear to lead to the other side of the door with nothing on the other side. Talking to Coro will result in Link obtaining a free Lantern as part of a special offer, which serves to aid the young hero on his way through a cave that leads to the northern section of Faron Woods. It is logical that the lush plant life and water resources have attracted animal species to the region. The gates are controlled by a crystal that you need to shoot in order to activate. As soon as you pass the first obstacles, place down the barrel on the right side of the platform then crouch to pass through the second obstacle. From a distance, it will look like giant rib bones protruding from the cliff’s edge. The most reliable so far is by equipping metallic gear while on top of the mound and wait for the lightning to strike you. The woods are comprised of southern and northern portions, the latter being the location of the Forest Temple. [16] Link is able to enter the Great Tree, and proceeds to climb to the top of the large canopy towering over the surrounding Faron Woods. This shrine is located northwest of Lurelin Village. Inside the shrine, step on the lowered plate then use magnesis to transfer the metal block to the other plate of the scale to lift you up and allow you to reach the upper ledge. Climb up then do the same again on the second seesaw to reach the platform containing a chest. This page was last edited on 5 August 2020, at 01:30. Next, use magnesis on the chest behind the iron bars and place it on the pressure plate beside the locked gate to unlock it. Most Skulltulas can be killed safely from a distance, otherwise coming within close range will cause them to attack Link.

Faron Woods is the first place Link visits on The Surface after departing from Skyloft. While on Zelda's trail, Link searches for members of the Kikwi race using the Goddess Sword's Dowsing ability, finding them hiding from the invading Bokoblins in many places throughout the forest.

This may be news to you, but some very irksome monsters have been overrunning my woods of late. After Link obtains all three Fused Shadows, Zant ambushes him at Lanayru Spring, cursing him to be trapped in his Wolf form and gravely injuring Midna. This will open the gate with a chest from the ramp you used earlier. The fragment is sitting by the shore at the tip of that location, beside a straight coconut tree. Step on plate 3, then move the chest to plate 1 to raise plate 3 at the same height as the next ledge. Yerbal reveals the location of the entrance to Lake Floria to Link. This is one of the harder shrine quests in the game, with multiple steps and zero hand holding – so read on for our guide. After light is restored to Faron Province, Faron returns Link to his human form and gives him the Hero's Clothes. After reaching the pressure plate, quickly carry the barrel and put it on the plate. Loot the Ancient Core from it.

Faron Woods serves as the home to the Kikwi race and the Skyview Temple. The northern section of the Woods is largely uninhabited, with its only residents being Coro and Trill. This shrine is found inside a cavern south of the Lakeside Stable. Kwee-koo! Shrine complete!

This requires perfect placement as it seems to work only if you placed the metallic object in the middle of the mound. Other notable features include Trill's shop, the Forest Temple, the entrance to the Sacred Grove, and the decaying ruins of the Temple of Time much deeper within the grove itself. If Link simply puts one Rupee in the payment box, Trill will not attack. To start this quest, find the NPC named Garini, in Palmorae Beach, southwest of Muwo Jeem shrine. Another method will be throwing the orbs on the water near the pedestals then raise ice columns underneath them using cryosis so that you can only pick them up and throw the orbs to their respective pedestals. Don't hurt me, koo-weep! Once inside, use Stasis on the seesaw ahead to make a ramp. Loot the Soldier’s Broadsword from it. The fragment is sitting on top of the rocks in shallow waters. No special requirements to access this shrine; just find it and access it to register it on your map. [9] After doing so, Link is restored to his Human form. Well, I decided that I'd had enough! However, the next time Link enters Faron Woods, it is covered in Twilight, and he is pulled in by a Shadow Beast.

You don’t need to collect these fragments; just use your tablet to take photos of each and show them to Garini. The second time, Link must fly across the gap using the Golden Cucco given to him by Rusl. It is there that Link meets a Kikwi hermit named Yerbal.

You have to use the first chest as a counterweight then drop it on the raised end of the seesaw to launch you to the air, allowing you to glide to the ledge with the second chest. Open your map and look for Soka Point, the curved peninsula south of Palmorae Beach. From there, the young hero must continue to jump around various obstacles and eventually reach the hidden Sacred Grove.

Kass is in Pagos Woods, east of Hylia Lake, in the Faron region. Qukah Nata’s Blessing
When he first meets Link, Coro gives him a free Lantern in hopes of boosting sales for Lantern Oil. This shrine is located directly south of Hateno Tower, in the western of Taran Pass. Lake Floria, despite being sealed off from the outside world, seems to be in a troubled time. The fragment should be sitting in the middle by the cliff wall. Dila Maag shrine (The Desert Labyrinth shrine quest and South Lomei Labyrinth) Raqa Zunzo shrine (The Undefeated Champ shrine quest) Kema Zoos shrine … You’ll get damaged and your equipped gear may be dropped, but at least that’s done. Make sure that your bow is equipped then aim until you see the crystal. You can find Kass in the Pagos Woods, east of Hylia Lake. Step on the seesaw then use stasis on it again so that you can climb up the ramp to the next ledge. The last obstacle is on the left side so you just need to stay on the right side to clear it. Link visits Faron Woods for the third and final time to find Faron in order to learn one of the four parts of the "Song of the Hero". Faron, the light spirit of Faron Province, lives in Faron Spring as the guardian of the Woods.

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