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In mid 2011, a then relatively unknown music producer named Audien tweeted “Why have I never used distortion?”. It delivers distortion, color and loudness meant for guitars – but is applicable to so much more. Each path/filter has three different filter types (low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass with 12/24/48 dB/octave slopes).

Equalizers, in theory, are fairly straightforward machines. This affordable plugin also has ten different distortion types including fuzz, overdrive, tape, tube, feedback, scream, warp and more. If the Sound Toys Decapitator had a younger brother (aside from the Radiator) the URS Saturation tool would take the cake. There is an option for linear phase operation, per-band mid/side processing, a Zero Latency mode, a more precise Natural Phase mode, full surround support including up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, and an improved auto gain feature. This is pretty much the most incredible plugin deal in the entire industry because you are getting the entire Sound Toys Bundle for roughly the cost of just one Sound Toys plugin. This allows for a laser-sharp and smooth filtering. If you are lucky enough to hear this baby in action, you’ll understand why it’s so special. The reason this plugin exists – it’s sole purpose on earth – is for you to TURN UP THE HEAT. Most of the plugins on this list emulate some sort of analogue gear – the Reviver doesn’t do that, and doesn’t claim to.

Join hundreds of students from around the world who have completed the free 5-day music licensing challenge and launched their music licensing careers! But the price… is not for everyone , Your email address will not be published. Recently the company has focused on producing bigger production plugins and suites. Overall, the FabFilter Saturn is a one-stop-shop for all distortion and saturation needs for any musician.

Also available is the Minimal Phase mode which is the more conventional option. Don't feel like you can only run guitars through amp simulators and pedal plugins. This tells us that the Pro-L 2 was made with the serious mix engineer in mind. 1) I like the user interface, multi-band, lots of modulation options if you use those, lots of variations of sound 2) I use it mostly for bass guitar, drums, on some synth sounds. SoundToys’ Decapitator is the weapon of choice among top audio engineers. Ever throw some drum fills into your mix and find they just sound dead, dull and boring? Many DAW’s including GarageBand and Logic Pro X have built-in distortion units free to use in most cases which are surprisingly adequate. Amazing subtle saturation with added movement, or as Klanghelm calls it – liveliness. 2) What do you use it for?

If you have a lead that sounds generic and very ‘preset’ like – try adding some URS saturation for analogue warmth and tonality that feels and sounds expensive. Let’s face it, every musician wants to turn heads and maximize their creative expression with their sound. fabfilter saturn au. The Scream 4 features a three-band EQ section and a phenomenal sound destruction unit to use for digital bit crushing or adding warm analog. Select ‘Drive – Smooth Overtones’ and turn up the drive knob liberally, up to 50%, and then turn down the mix knob to taste (I usually end up between 5-15%). It also has a MIDI Learning capabilities and a Smart Parameter Interpolation to properly coordinate parameters during transitions. External plugins are not the only way to access distortion and saturation FX for your tracks. Since time stretching mangles the signal to compensate against pitch-bending, it can lead to some wild distortions, thus pushing the plugin beyond mere delay purposes. What you might be left with is a very Anjunadeep sounding bass. Real Mix Example: Each band has its own drive, mix, dynamics, feedback, level, and tone control levels. All of the fundamentals are there, but given how saturated the market has become when it comes to compressor plugins, FabFilter’s compressor might look unremarkable. Another nifty feature is that Pro-MB gives users the ability to unlink side-chain crossovers from the directly processed signal. The impulse responses allow you the freedom of putting your track into any acoustical space you can think of. The plugin is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive user interface. You can tweak the damage section of the plugin with the P1 (resolution) and P2 (sample rate) knobs. If you’re like me – this plugin most likely has fallen into the ‘I own it, I use it, but have no idea what I am doing with it’ category at some point. At the end of the day, this plugin is great for subtle drive and weight on a master or group channel. Compare price @ Plugin Boutique or Sweetwater. Those dull fills should sound pretty awake and alive at this point. fabfilter saturn buy. The loudness metering supports adherence to EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-4, and ATSC A/85 standards. Tape saturation is a type of saturation which is another term for analog tape recording where the voltage level exceeds the tape’s ability to record it. Camel Audio seems to have fallen off the map, but at one point, this was a free plugin, so if you do some digging you can find it somewhere on the inter-webs. Like the Volcano 2, it has two signal paths which can be used either in parallel or series. However, most of the improvements seem to have focused on dynamic equalization. So with that in mind, here are my favorite 20 saturation and distortion tools, paired with a real-mix-example which demonstrates how I might use each plugin. It also has an innovative architecture that allows users to fix common and uncommon audio issues without leaving users scrambling for the manual and scratching their heads. Guitarists don’t need hardware to get the sounds they love since they can download a piece of software to use their favorite fuzz and distortion pedals. fabfilter saturn audioz.

For example, you can choose from over 150 ready-to-go killer presets or you can configure your own custom presets. When it comes to saturation and distortion, you’ll want to save this preset. For instance, FabFilter added a knee display and a fader that offers control from 0dB (hard knee) and +72dB (soft knee). We also considered innovations and special features that make the plugin stand out from the rest of the pack.

fabfilter saturn team air. Pre-delay can also be set and synced to the project’s tempo. FabFilter’s Pro Q-3 is packed with features and goodies. This helps in monitoring the changes to the sound. Saturation is a type of distortion.

The Redopter is potentially the most underrated plugin on this list. This thing sounds great on vocals – the next time you want that distorted vocal effect in your track, try the One Knob Driver. Copyright © 2020 MusicProductionNerds.com, How To Produce Music: A Free Beginner’s Guide. The scream and overdrive settings will add bite and aggressiveness to your sound while tape and tube settings will create a warm and charming aura. Among these are Saturn and the Pro series of plugins.

Try this baby on lead sounds – synths, guitars, saxophones, vocals – whatever. Volcano 2 is a fun filter to use and is perfect for producers who want something powerful, approachable, and easy to play with. Learn how your comment data is processed. But what separates it from the others is the level of subtlety and control that it gives to the user. Note: This article may contain affiliate links, meaning I would receive a commission - at no cost to you - for any products you purchase. If you are ever wondering how FabFilter managed to gain the respect of the digital audio world, you have to check out FabFilter Micro. Bonus: try the Noveltech Vocal Enhancer for a slightly brighter more vocal-ready color!

While the plugin is easy to figure out, the accompanying manual provides a lot of useful information not only about the plugin but about the principles of mixing and mastering. This little plugin packs a serious punch, encapsulating all of the things that made FabFilter one of the best plugin makers today. The plugin also boasts a Dynamic Phase processing mode which claims to reduce pre-ringing and latency when multiband processing. On your drum bus, or main loop – select the ‘DR – Bringing Out The Room’ preset, turn up the Character setting to about 40% (still more warm than sizzle), and turn the Drift knob up to 75-80%. But regardless, stop cranking the fatness knob too far.

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