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If your music doesn’t live up to the genre you picked, guess what?

Once your post is shared, it becomes a link that your followers can tap through to listen on SoundCloud. See all 28 articles Recording. Help Center Status Blog. To learn more about setting up a bio, adding links and integrating with Songkick, click here. Check the Contains explicit content box if your podcast contains what might be explicit content.

Depending on your device, it may show up as “Share to Snapchat,” “Share to Instagram” or “Share to Facebook.”. The Creator Guide is a series of short articles with instructions and tips to help you set up your account and find your audience. to the iTunes store.

Her label sold her recording of Prince’s song, and since they were using Prince’s composition, they paid Prince’s publisher, who then paid Prince – whereas collecting societies and PROs (if you read to the bottom, you will find out the definition of this acronym) administer other rights in compositions.

With SoundCloud Premier monetization, you can now get paid for those uploads, in a quick and seamless way. Tell us why you love CD Baby and win some sweet gear! How monetizing with SoundCloud Premier works.

Select the playlist type as “album.” Provide a release date, if not listed already. Each release has its own UPC code, and a UPC code is required if you are selling your release in a digital or physical store. It doesn't matter if you're a Free, Pro or Pro Unlimited user - anyone can upload their tracks to SoundCloud for the world to hear. Take a cue from rapper 2KBABY, on the benefits of utilizing social media to share music: “I love the social sharing feature, man. You get 120,000,000+ tracks from established and emerging artists, you can save tracks offline on mobile, and get ad-free listening. We have good news if you think updating tracks one at a time seems like a drag. If your song does contain problematic samples, most distributors will contact you and your track will get taken down anyways. But if your track blows up (kind of what you’re hoping for right? Through music, images and a bio, current and future followers can get to, know more about you the minute they land on your page. The interface of the site is pretty good and it has categories of latest trending music. Anyone can see their 50 top tracks, top city, top country, and top listener, but Pro Unlimited creators unlock more data like top 50 cities, countries and listeners. The visual player puts your artwork front and center. (Use keywords for better search results). Do enter the track title exactly how you want it to appear in the stores The first tag should be the main genre, ideally taken from the list of genres shown in the corresponding charts. Rory Seydel is a musician, writer and father who takes pleasure in touring the world and making records. There are certain things to avoid when entering your track titles in the release builder. Have a section within each strategy bucket to list out any other creative concepts or general brainstorm notes that might come up. If in doubt, please check out our Copyright Help Center for more information. OK.

The more your tracks are played, the more you get paid. Collaborating for your album art is a nice way to cross-promote with someone whose work aligns with your vision. SoundCloud Go allows you to listen to SoundCloud wherever you are - even offline. Top Countries/CitiesClick on Top Cities to see a breakdown of which territories your plays are coming from. Upload a profile image that is at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.

Engage with people who comment on your tracks - building a community of fans helps your work gain traction.

Each individual track in a release has its own ISRC code. It’s fun to say your album is Twee Pop when it’s actually Metal. Here’s everything you need to check off the list to release your next project with more yes! Every digital music store has different rules for image sizing. If you’re not sure if someone should be featured on your track or not, your best bet is to always discuss it with your collaborator and make sure everyone has the same expectations and definition of “featured artist.”. But no matter what always discuss your ideas for featuring artists before you wrap your projects and release them. Optional cookies are used to improve the page with analytics, by These codes are requirements for distributing your music and are needed for your content to be sold or streamed on any digital service provider. Being a music publisher means you have a publishing company that you use to administer your publishing income streams. Releasing your album, mixtape, EP, single or cover song is a moment in the making, so you might be wondering, how do I release my music? For example: All album titles on Spotify appear in the font Spotify Circular, Google Play will show your track title in Roboto font, etc. You can keep your bio, general, or use this space to keep visitors updated on your latest. The publisher’s role in this example is to ensure Prince has registered his composition correctly with the copyright office and the PRO, and that the record label has properly licensed the composition and is accurately reporting what is owed to the publisher. Free musician guides This section of your Strategic Overview should include things like due dates for creating artwork and making GIFs and production timelines for recording a music video, organizing a photoshoot, developing merchandise and anything else related to the visual aspect of your release. DIY Musician Conference, Your Songs + Our Tools = Musical Independence, More Resources For Musicians And when you’re a Pro Unlimited subscriber, you get Go+ at half the price. Couple of singles will be uploaded first. I get it. Hot Tip: Make sure your sound is consistent across your entire project before you release it. As a Pro Unlimited subscriber, Repost’s $30 yearly fee is waived for you. Boom, that’s it. ISRC - ISRC is an “international standard recording code” and identifies a particular recording of a musical composition. Now, finally, they’ve added an ALBUM option. Timing the release of your track to match its live debut, Finished with a track but deciding you want to post it later, Making your mix available as soon as you finish your set, Delivering your weekly podcast on time, every time to listeners, Keeping tracks timed perfectly for release across time zones and tour dates. There are two basic kinds of income streams for music publishing rights: public performance and mechanical reproduction. The same recording shouldn’t have 2 ISRC codes just because it was distributed in 2 different ways. Not a moment filled with fear and disorganization. Promote on SoundCloud is a self-service promotional tool that enables you to get your music in front of SoundCloud’s massive tastemaker community, increasing your exposure and driving more interactions with your listeners. Note you must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old or age of majority in your country to get paid. If you collaborated with other artists, be sure to @ them. But we understand that sometimes mistakes can happen, like an incorrect version of your artwork gets uploaded or a track title is missing a letter or featured artist. If you’re struggling to pick something, try to think of a title that comes from the same creative place that the music came from. Monetizable streams come from at least one of these eligible countries listed, Work with a record label or distributor in some but not all territories, Work with some but not all music services, Work with record labels / distributors / music services but have retained the right to upload, make available, and monetize the tracks on SoundCloud yourself, Musical composition: instrumental without lyrics, or music and lyrics (lyrics alone would be a poem) that you’d see on a piece of paper, Sound recording: an artist’s performance of the composition; what you’re hearing, With Repost by SoundCloud, you can distribute unlimited releases. The result: your promoted track will be highly visible, at the top of your target audience’s homepage (on mobile) and stream (on mobile and desktop) giving listeners more opportunities to discover your music. accomplishments, recent releases or upcoming shows. Would you rather click on a profile that is called @User9482837482 or @BillieEilish? Your LANDR release dashboard will show you where in the world your music is being streamed, so you’ll have a good idea of where it’s being released after you distribute as well. It’s a great place to start and figure out exactly what you are doing before you upgrade. Don’t include the release date; Don’t include the release format—like album or EP—in your track title; Don’t Include search terms in your track titles like ‘pop punk’ or ‘lo-fi house’ Do spell everything correctly and spellcheck! Track art allows you to customize the waveform background of your track so you can make sure the visual components of your release artwork really shine through (check out an example here).

Autoplay functionality and continuous playback are both available with the visual player. We don’t need to know why you want to keep your music a secret, the important thing is this: we have a way for you to share and collaborate discreetly before it’s 100% ready to be unleashed. Today's the last day for $99 DIY Musician Conference tickets, The most common mistake artists make when sharing their new music, How to get verified on Amazon Music for Artists. Email address displayed: Some podcast apps require an email address to be displayed in your RSS feed. Repost allows you to send your release to all major music services. Releasing music is a great time to celebrate those collaborations. It’s a circular image, so choose a photo that is clear, hi-res and fits in the given space. If someone creating a playlist is looking for good music to put in a genere-specific playlist, chances are they’re searching for that genre or subgenre tag. There’s no EP category on Spotify. In addition to selecting a main genre, tag your tracks with a few relevant sub-genres and any moods that you think describe the track. The default player is a customizable option that allows you to edit the color of your player, scale its size, and display or hide comments, usernames, and algorithmic suggestions. How many albums did Eric ‘RAVO’ Bravo have to….

This section of your Strategy Overview should include your target press outlets, potential playlists you want to be included on and anything else related to the editorial promotion of your release. Tagging your tracks with relevant genre information is important and helps get your tracks in front of the right people. This could be a fee for using someone’s painting, hiring a photographer to shoot your band, or spending a bit of cash to make the perfect album image on your own. The key here is to start with an image that’s big to begin with. So build the perfect release and put the joy back into releasing music! You can try SoundCloud Go+ for free for 30 days and find out more here.

In addition to distributing and monetizing your music. So take care of that conversation BEFORE you build your release and acknowledge everyone that made your record as good as it is.

Faster payouts: You’ll have more cash in your pocket because we pay you directly each month.

Public performance = any time your composition is “performed” in public. The $30/year fee for Repost by SoundCloud is waived for Pro Unlimited subscribers so Pro Unlimited creators can start promoting their releases through Repost today. Help Center Help Community Status Blog. And when you’re a Pro Unlimited subscriber, you get Go+ at half the price. As long as you don’t have an exclusive deal with a distributor or label, you can move your previously released content to Repost. You can access your edit page at any time by going to the pencil icon below it's waveform.

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