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amanda and mccrae twitter fight

Hey, Simon have you noticed that the likes and disliked buttons under the comments are gone?? I think ultimately, Howard and Candice are good, nice people who deserve the money, but terrible, TERRIBLE Big Brother players. Oooops, you need to pick your brain up off the floor and put it back in you head….just make sure you get it wired correctly. I hope Jessica takes him back….

Spencer says that he want to maintain his relationship with McCrae and says that he will apologize to Amanda. Andy says Aaryn said that Howard will go but that she wonders if she is being manipulated. Candace isolated herself to a point that she hasn’t picked up on Andy, because she’s actually a good reader of people and the game.

You should try to get Elissa, Spencer, Jessie and Judd to vote to evict Amanda.

if andy lies to her despite the “dictator helen” quip? Even people I thought would know better haven’t been holding back on spewing homophobic and racist remarks every night. Thanks, and yeah…we were in for a long boring day, so thought we’d spice it up a bit.

Born at 6:11 p.m. on December 2, the beautiful baby already has some photos up on social media, shared by an excited new mother. We’re currently figuring out a way to play a mini version of BB around here. Does she not know?

if it is poor howard she spares as amanda

Howard! Judd goes to leave and says I feel like I am forgetting something – My wallet, my keys, my cell phone. Spencer and McCrae then head to bed. Spencer would put up Aaryn and Gina or Candice with Aaryn or Gina. Andy says Amanda. To that affect. Every time the person complaining is someone that has said pretty much the same thing multiple times, but still continues to watch the show and/or visit message boards related to the show, we up the ante by killing an irish car bomb. Who wouldn’t get sick of being in a showmance with Amanda Zuckerman?

And GM. I never thought a local channel would block it’s viewers from watching them. McCrae asks Spencer who he would put up. Amanda says you know I am not a boy.

dunno .. where did you hear we are HOH for the week? I agree I dont see amanda getting evicted tonight b/c Helen & Andy will make sure that doesn’t happen as of right now. We Have The Answer HERE! The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tyler Johnson Announces Y&R Exit – OUT as Theo Vanderway. Andy says master dictator Helen will sit people down and say if you get rid of Aaryn…! Amanda is being so vocal about what she claims Howard said to her, how is Candice not going crazy on her right now? Jesses did speak to Elissa about Amanda and Elissa had not told Helen yet. Only one person wins and everyone should be playing a selfish game along side a side alliance… I totally rambled lol but they’re just getting on my last nerve lol. Jessie is worried about not getting Andy on their side and having McCrae coming after her. Celebrity Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery news - before and after pictures.

She will calm and go where its best for her game. Howard says it will work. Wow. That was a key BB hint, she to dum to see it. What about all the stuff AMANDA has said .

Spencer says that he wouldn’t be an a$$hole.


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